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Search Engine Marketing | Video & Display Advertising

Search Engine Marketing | Display & Video Advertising

Before we get started please allow me to introduce myself:

My name is Andrew, an experienced Web Developer, and I own and operate StoresWithDoors.co.uk from my home 'in the sticks' in the middle of the Essex countryside, in the U.K. I'm surrounded by gorgeous wide open spaces and stunning countryside in the heart of the home counties.

I strongly believe in the personal touch so I do not leave anything to chance, your advertising profile is personally put together - there's no automation involved, and I make sure that everything works exactly as it should, to get you the very best poossible results, before I publish your offer on the website and the search engines. You will also have my direct business email address to drop me a line any time you fancy!

Search engine optimised brand marketing and video advertising is, and will always be, the most engaging and productive sales marketing tools online. Social media, in all it's forms, helps to a certain degree yet it always comes down to what shoppers are looking for on the searching engines that matter most.

Getting Started

This service is specifically designed to help U.K. based brands, shops and businesses of almost every type, who also serve the entire U.K., sell more products and services using the powerful technologies that the likes of Google, Bing & Yahoo have to offer.

Your business will enjoy a feature advertisement - like the one displayed below - and the website link will link to one of your most expensive products, because everyone wants to climb towards affording the best on offer and many will act with their impulse and financial capability within that moment.

Impulse buying borne out of that all-important 'wow' inspirational moment accounts for a large percentage of higher priced sales. And, even if the customer isn't in the position to buy the most expensive they'll still want to buy 'something' as close to it's quality and price level as possible - you still get a sale.

My service uses the powerful opportunities from everyday shopping search engine queries to achieve more of them!

How Much Is It Going To Cost You?

This service is not free however extremely affordable.

You have two distinct yet equally powerful options:

  1. After your first 90 day special-price trial there's just one annual low-cost payment, conveniently paid by debit or credit subscription.

  2. Signup as an Affiliate Partner with Awin, click the button below for more details.
    Search for my Partner ID: 932469

Then simply place the small Stores With Doors 'backlink' icon (all coding provided) anywhere on your website.

Visit storeswithdoors.co.uk

Just £20 for your first 90 days then just £120 per year thereafter.

That's just £10 per month / 32p per day!


What's The Secret?

Question Mark

What's the real secret to attracting customers online?

Is there such a thing?

There is an answer that exists and it underpins pretty much everything else we do online yet so few people have taken the time to acquire the knowledge and skills, patience and time dedication to utilise it's 'natural' power. That sounds a bit powerfully mythical doesn't it!

The answer is...

Being listed prominently on the big search engines for when your customers want and need your product / service and actively search for a business such as yours to provide said product / service..
- simple right?

It will help your decision making consideration to know that I do not advertise this website anywhere, I have not spent a penny yet you have found the website on either one of the major search engines, a friend or relative or colleague has recommended it or you have found it on social media. That proves my point! If you can find this website then new customers can find your business on this website!

Signup, This Is What You Get!

Prominent, easy-to-find listing(s) on one of the most well-ranked business services websites in the U.K.

Part of an enterprise that enjoys outstanding search reach, with over 100 individual search links tracked and ranked on Google, BING and Yahoo. This number grows daily!

Clear display of your:

Business Name
Full Service / Brand / Product Range Description
Product or Brand Video / Image

Active clickable links to your:

Website - Product Page
Facebook or LinkedIn

Chance to be in the:

'Recently Added List'

Displayed on the home page, see example below.

Part of one of the most powerful business search websites in the U.K., the only one that utilises the fundamental technology tools that Google itself recommend for best results.

Our recently added partners:

New customers, new income streams, nothing but positive flow into your business!

Just £20 for your first 90 days then just £120 per year thereafter.

That's just £10 per month / 32p per day!


How Does It Work?

Google, Bing & Yahoo Search Engines

Google, BING and Yahoo, the three biggest search engines, are critically the only mechanisms you need to market your business online, that is provided, the website developer of your website that offers the product / service that you’re offering to sell, to other businesses or consumers, has done the Search Engine Optimisation correctly.
- If they have, your website will show up prominently and at no additional cost other than to build and publish the website including some valuable time investment into Search Engine Optimisation with the correct notification to the Search Engine’s themselves plus some time allowed for indexing (listing).

In addition, the 'big three' supply search results for many hundreds of other smaller search engines around the world, these are accessible via apps, games and other search-related websites who in turn serve millions of people with billions of search results every month.

Using The Search Engines

The challenge is that if you don’t know ‘how’ to use the ‘engine that runs’ the search engine you may be permanently left ‘outside’ it and never know how to get ‘inside’ and use it. There is an array of tools on offer for use on the search engine, many websites don't them as the relative cost of a developers time to 'tweak' the base structure of a website is high.

Nevertheless the tools are there, I use many of them which naturally gives this website an immediate advantage over the competition and as a result increases our rank which in turn benefits your business by being displayed to new customers who ultimately become regular customers.
- most business people simply pay quite a lot of money on advertising opportunities, what if they now didn’t have to?

Google, BING and Yahoo provide the structure that empowers our technology to ‘identify’ the right consumers at exactly the point in time when they ‘are’ wanting, needing and thus searching for a particular product / service in a particular location that’s listed within our database. It’s almost perfect!

No Advertising

Given what you have just read, fundamentally you 'should never need to spend any money' on advertising! However, in reality life just isn't that simple or logical and services like mine exist to assist businesses to place their offers in front of potential customers. The costs vary depending upon who you use however I chose to keep my service as accessible as possible.

Without the existence of this incredibly powerful technology I’d agree, it's a common business practice to invest into your business and you need as many eyes to see your offer as possible, daily. However when you look at the power of what I have already shown you and the fact that you are reading this as a direct result of me not spending any money on advertising
- you’ll begin to see the benefits and huge savings on offer to you!

Consumers don’t care so much who provides them with what they are looking for, they simply expect prompt hassle-free service & delivery, and value for money.

Studying these technologies has cost me thousands of hours of time invested to acquire the knowledge thus this service 'should' cost you thousands of pounds per year in respect of that investment. However, due to the number of businesses I am attracting to become listed on the website I can keep the price relatively low in comparison to other services which help you to keep more of your profit in your pocket.

New customers, new income streams, nothing but positive flow into your business!

Just £20 for your first 90 days then just £120 per year thereafter.

That's just £10 per month / 32p per day!


Welcome aboard one of the simplest and yet coolest most powerful search,
display and video marketing & advertising systems in the world!

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